The safety of all guests is of utmost importance during every camp and school tour. Our venue where guests will be accommodated overnight, is situated inside a private game farm and secure estate.

The estate has one main security entrance, and no unannounced guests may enter without prior consent and arrangement by the property owner. The estate entrance is completely gated off with electric fencing.

The estate is also patrolled 24 hours per day, with immediate security, first aid and emergency services on hand when required. All activities are arranged and controlled by our trained camp guides. Guides receive regular in-house training, to keep abreast with the latest guidelines and requirements, and they are also qualified in First Aid level 1-2, with many of them qualified up to level 3. First Aid kits are on hand throughout our facility. Our Guides are also trained in Water Safety, to assist with their supervisory capacity when learners are involved in water activities.

MARANEMAN is situated within a private game farm and secure estate, on the waterfront of the Vaaldam. Just 115km from the South of Jhb, 80km past Vereeniging, 140km from Potchefstroom, 210km from Harrismith, 220km from Welkom. Well worth the drive!

Telephone: +27 82 559 3831

Email: info@maraneman.co.za


The closest Private Hospital is Emfuleni Mediclinic in Vanderbijlpark, which is approximately 80km from our premises. The closest State Hospital is Fezi Ngubentombi Provincial Hospital in Sasolburg, which is 63km from our premises. There are also doctors rooms in Deneysville (35km) throughout the week.

We always have a small vehicle on the premises, to transport anyone who needs medical attention. The driver will usually be accommodated by a First Aid qualified staff member, along with one guest or educator from the group. Under serious emergency situations, an ambulance will be called out, and we will drive with the injured guest to meet the ambulance on the way to hospital (if the guest can be moved). Medical Helicopters can also be called out in extreme emergency situations.

Thankfully, Maraneman has never encountered such serious or extreme emergencies, in the almost 17 years of operation.


 If there is a need for evacuation for any reason, guests assemble at our Emergency Assembly Point, where they await further instructions from our staff. 

We have more than 10 full time staff, who stay over on the premises during camps and are on call and available to assist 24/7, in the event of an emergency. Our

employees receive regular in-house training in Emergency Evacuation, Ralcoll as well as annual Certified Fire & Safety Training.


We are very thankful to report that Maraneman has never had any drowning or situations even close to it, in our almost 17 years of operation. Water safety enjoys a large amount of attention from our guides, who all undergo a special water safety course. Our beach pool and lazy river pool are equipped with all safety gear required, which include Life Rings, Spinal boards, Life lines, Lifebuoys and Life Jackets for learners under the age of 13, or who are shorter than 1.6m. Our Guides also teach the learners some water safety lessons, upon arrival at camp, along with the whistle-etiquette around the pool areas. Our Guides are very strict about learners having to follow the rules of the beach pool and lazy river pool area. Rules are set out on signage, explained verbally by our guides, and enforced by our guides at all times. Guests who do not adhere to the safety regulations, are removed from the water activities. No client may participate in any water activity, without our guides present.


Maraneman is an alcohol free facility, in line with the regulations set out by the Department of Education, regarding educators conduct during camps. Groups who bring alcohol onto our facility, will be asked to vacate the premises immediately.


Educators, leaders and adults accompanying a group, are always welcome to participate and be present during all activities. Although our safety measures are set up in such a way, that their supervision is not required for safety purposes, they are always very welcome to be as involved as they please.


No unruly, destructive or violent behaviour will be tolerated on our premises. Any guests who are acting in such a way, will be removed from our premises, by our security or police services will be called in.


Each activity on our premises receives daily safety assessments. Equipment are under constant maintenance. Elements like rain and wind are always brought into

consideration, when activities might have to be moved indoors, and thereby changing in risk assessment due to the different areas and influencing factors. All guests

are constantly reminded of the rules and safety measures of every activity, by our trained guides who arrange, control and present every activity. Guests are never

left unattended during any activity, and are split into smaller groups of 25-30 learners per group. Every group has one Guide designated to the safety of the

particular group. Guests will participate within those groups during all activities, which are monitored at all times. General Safety rules include:


*Each guest must hand in a completed indemnity form, wherein parents stipulated any medical conditions we need to be aware of, as well as the swimming capabilities of the child.
*Upon arrival at camp, guests are made aware of all of our rules on the premises. They are also reminded throughout their visit.
*Guests may not run on the premises and pathways.
*No medicine may be shared with friends, and our staff may not administer any medication.
*Guests may not walk alone on the premises, and are to remain with their group at all times.
*Guests may never be left unattended.
*At night guests are advised to wear closed shoes.
* Guests are never allowed to go near water activities without our guides present.
*All water activities are participated in, in group form.
*Guests are not allowed to climb, swing or sit on any obstacles or activities without our guides present.
*All activity rules are explained by our trained guides to guests, prior to commencement of their participation.

*The rules of our beach pool and lazy river pool, must be adhered to by all guests.
*Our guides are not allowed inside the rooms or bathrooms of learners. If any situation arises, learners are called out of the rooms, to be addressed. Alternatively an educator will be called for assistance.


Maraneman will be allocating one Evening Supervisor (ES), who will be on duty after lights out from 22h00-07h00 during camps. The duty of the ES will be to

supervise all learners on our premises and ensure no learner is walking around or being naughty at night. If any issues are encountered during the night, the ES

will call the Educators for assistance. The ES will also be First Aid qualified, and able to assist with any injuries or medical assistance required during the night.