Frequently Asked Questions

Do you host camps for Home- / Unschoolers?

Yes we do!  For more info, please whatsapp our office on: 082 559 3831

What do I need to bring along to camp?

Please bring yourself and a positive attitude to camp! As for the rest download the list here.

Does Maraneman have its own Consent Form?

Yes we do. Please remember that we require that only our own consent form is used, as we cannot accept another form… even if our name is mentioned. Click here to download form.

Do you provide bedding?

BEDDING: We only provide bedding in the adult accommodation booked. Unfortunately no other bedding is available at this time. Please ensure that your entire group of campers are aware that they need to bring: A sleeping bag OR Duvet with single fitted sheet; pillow and Blanket. Dormitory beds are only equipped with mattresses.

Do you have a holiday option available for Families?

At this stage we are only able to offer holiday accommodation for families, during the December/January school holidays. For more information, kindly WhatsApp our Rental Agent on: 0767673303.  Please note that queries are only answered via Whatsapp.

What involvement is expected from educators accompanying a school camp?

Maranemans’ Guides are present throughout your camp program, running from 07h00-22h00 daily (unless otherwise specified upon booking). Our Guides are trained to arrange, present, control and debrief all activities according to your specific camp objective in mind. For these activities, we require no involvement whatsoever, but educators/adults are welcome to just join in on the fun and enjoy watching the learners grow and learn. The more adventurous educators/adults may even participate in the activities, if they feel energized enough!

Do you over night-supervision, for while learners are supposed to be sleeping?

We do offer this service at an additional fee, and must be arranged upon booking.  Our Night Supervisor will be on duty from 22h00-07h00 every night of camp. He/she will be doing rounds and checks at every dormitory room, every 30 minutes, to ensure learners are sleeping and inside their dormitories.

Do you provide cutlery & crockery?

CUTLERY & CROCKERY: All cutlery & crockery is provided throughout your camp. At this stage we are still using paper plates and cups, for sanitary purposes.

Our awesome catering team will even wash your dishes too!

Do you cater to corporate/adult groups or individual day visitors?

No we do not.  Maraneman is an Educational Camping Centre for schools, universities, colleges and youth groups/clubs only.  Our accommodation is not set up for adult groups and no walk-in day visitors are allowed.

Do you have a Tuck shop?

Yes we do. Maraneman’s tuckshop offers an array of treat options, ranging from crisps, soda drinks, slush-puppies, mineral water, biltong, peanuts, dried fruit, sweets, chocolates, popcorn and even some camp souvenirs (stock varies from one week to the next). Purchases can be made with cash or debit/credit cards.

Do you have Lockers?

We are in the process of completing the installation of our lockers, and completion date cannot be confirmed. Guests can purchase a lock from our Tuck shop, and enjoy use of any locker of their choosing, for the duration of their stay. All lockers are under 24 hour camera surveillance, and guests can choose to share with their friends, or to use individually. 

Do you have Guides who facilitate activities?

Yes we do. Maranemans’ Guides all undergo a rigorous training process, and the majority of them are First Aid qualified and trained in Water Safety. They all are passionate about impacting young lives, they love what they do and it shows! During camps, they arrange and control the camp program, present each activity and debrief it according to the camp objective. They are with the learners from 07h00-22h00 daily, unless arranged otherwise, and bring a fun & exciting atmosphere to the camp.

Do you have a swimming pool?

Yes we do. We have a large beach pool, with lazy river tubing pool for guests to enjoy. Our pool area is equipped with all the required safety equipment, which include life rings, floating bouys, spinal boards and first aid kit. Our guides (trained in water safety) supervise the entire area, whilst guest are in the pool.  All rules are diligently enforced by our guides, for everyone’s safety.  Guests who are younger than 13, shorter than 1.6m or who cannot swim, must wear a life jacket during this activity.  Swim-safety tips are also taught and practiced by all guests inside the pool area.

Our school has a low budget for camps, can you help us?

Maraneman always tries to accommodate school budgets as far as possible. If you have a certain budget in available, you are welcome to contact our office for assistance.

Do you sell DVDs and photos of the camps?

We do not offer camp DVDs at this stage, but camp photos can be downloaded from our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram). Some camp videos are also posted on our Youtube channel. No photos are emailed or sent to guests after camp.

Can I download your Brochure?
How do I book a Day Visit?

Firstly confirm that your desired date for your Day Visit, is still available. You can check with our office on 082 559 3931 or info@maraneman.co.za.  To secure this date, kindly send us this completed booking form, along with your holding deposit:  Day Visit Booking Form. 

Do you have a Set Menu?

Yes we do, and it’s delicious! Every weekday has its’ own menu, but groups are welcome to book certain replacement meals, like Pizza Building or Spitbraai. Optional extras like Birthday Cakes, Extra Snacks, Packed lunches for departure days, etc. are also available. You can download it here: Set Menu

How do I book an Overnight Camp for my School?

To book an overnight camp, you first need to confirm that your requested date is still available by contacting our office on 082 559 3831 or via email on info@maraneman.co.za.  To secure this date, you have to complete this booking form and send it back to us, along with your camp deposit:  Overnight Camp

Can I download your Safety Plan?

You can download it here: Safety Plan? 

How can I book a camp for my School or Youth?

Firstly, please contact our office for a quote and to find out what dates are available for your camp. If you are happy with the date and price, please complete the following booking form and send send it back to us along with your proof of deposit payment.  Download the Booking Form here.